Black Moroccan beauties…

I love the gorgeous Moroccan zelliges. I‘m seriously thinking to use these tiles in my future kitchen. They are so unique, so stylish. A 10 x 10 cm piece of art.

Zelliges are typical little Moroccan tiles. The zellige made their appearance around the 10th century. At first in brown and white shapes.  The art became very important during the Marined dynasty from the 13th to the 15th century. Yellow, blue and green colors were introduced at this time. Until the 17th century red was added. The other colors envolved just from the beginning of the 20th century.

The region of Fez and Meknes has one of the best quality clay in Morocco . The magnificent zelliges are hand-cut from glazed and fired clay.  The art of making zelliges is transmitted from generation to generation by craftsmen. The imperfection of these tiles is precisely the beauty. Not a tile is exactly the same.

These beautiful pieces of little art, work great in a bathroom or kitchen, but also for example in a fire place. You can find the tiles in beautiful color shades. Even Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s ‘Couture Mono’ eyeshadow is inspired by the vibrant colors of Moroccan Zellige tiling.

I love whites, white floors, white walls. But in this case I really like the the opposite, sophisticated black. Its chic, rough and a little bit mysterious. Although I find all zelliges beautiful. It does not matter what color, but black zelliges I think are just extra beautiful and elegant.

You can buy these tiles for example at or


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