Black Moroccan beauties…

I love the gorgeous Moroccan zelliges. I‘m seriously thinking to use these tiles in my future kitchen. They are so unique, so stylish. A 10 x 10 cm piece of art.

Zelliges are typical little Moroccan tiles. The zellige made their appearance around the 10th century. At first in brown and white shapes.  The art became very important during the Marined dynasty from the 13th to the 15th century. Yellow, blue and green colors were introduced at this time. Until the 17th century red was added. The other colors envolved just from the beginning of the 20th century.

The region of Fez and Meknes has one of the best quality clay in Morocco . The magnificent zelliges are hand-cut from glazed and fired clay.  The art of making zelliges is transmitted from generation to generation by craftsmen. The imperfection of these tiles is precisely the beauty. Not a tile is exactly the same.

These beautiful pieces of little art, work great in a bathroom or kitchen, but also for example in a fire place. You can find the tiles in beautiful color shades. Even Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s ‘Couture Mono’ eyeshadow is inspired by the vibrant colors of Moroccan Zellige tiling.

I love whites, white floors, white walls. But in this case I really like the the opposite, sophisticated black. Its chic, rough and a little bit mysterious. Although I find all zelliges beautiful. It does not matter what color, but black zelliges I think are just extra beautiful and elegant.

You can buy these tiles for example at or


moroccanblackzeliges jan verlinde-inside living





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Le Riad Berbere, Sober & stylish…

I have a special love for Moroccan riads. Especially the ones with influences from East and West. …And then I saw this gorgeous riad. Le Riad Berbere has it all. Beautiful authentic details with Scandinavian influences. A lot of whites, greys and neutrals, with some touches of warm Moroccan red. It’s such a serene place. Nothing is too much. Sober and stylish decorated. This kind of places are really a true inspiration for me.

The extra special feature of this riad is the beautiful garden. Imagine that this would be your own garden. A Magnificent patio with banana trees, tangerines trees and olive trees. You can not believe that this riad is in the middle of the old medina of Marrakech. If you’ve ever been in Marrakech then you know that it’s always very busy there. Then suddenly, when you enter the riad, you find yourself in an oasis of tranquility.

This riad was built in the 17th century. It has been authentically renovated by the Belgian architect Quentin Wilbaux.

It’s truly an oasis in the heart of the medina.

riad berbere3


riad berbere2
riad berbere8
riad berbere1

Riad Tarabel, lovely greys and madarin trees

I would definitely want to stay in this beautiful riad one time. How lovely styled and serene. It is situated in the heart of the old medina in Marrakech, close to the famous square Jmaa el Fna.  Riad Tarabel is a haven of tranquillity where grand colonialism meets traditional Morocco. The riad has a beautiful courtyard with mandarin trees. Beautiful grays are used for the doors and windows. Elegant restful white in the bedrooms. Not the traditional Moroccan lanterns are used but these lanterns are just perfect in the atmosphere of riad Tarabel. Perfect little details, lovely whites, grays and beautiful details of traditional architecture.

riad tarabel2




riad tarabel


Vila E Ourika, Morocco

Oh look at that view, really amazing stunning! Immediately I feel the desire to build a house in the beautiful mountains of Morocco in the middle of nowhere. This house is a project of Studio Ko it’s one of there beautiful projects.

The vila was built in the mountains of Ourika about one small hour from Marrakech. It’s amazing the difference from the always crowded city Marrakech and the almost untouched nature from the Ourika valley and mountains. That’s the beauty of Morocco.

The different views from this house looks like a living painting. The vila was built as a contemporary Kasbah (Moroccan traditionnal fortified house). The contemporary designs seems to fit easily in to the overall environment. The use of natural materials such as the warm, red toned Ourika stone and shades of nature colors brings peace, serenity and harmony. Im in love with the bathroom. It’s just like you take a shower in the open air. How beautiful are the tadelakt sink and wall.

Vila E Ourika Morocco 14

Vila E Ourika Morocco 1

Villa E Ourika Morocco 6

Villa E Ourika Morocco 3

Vila E Ourika Morocco 11

Villa E Ourika Morocco 5

Villa E Ourika Morocco 9

Vila E Ourika Morocco 12

Vila E Ourika Morocco 19

Vila E Ourika Morocco 10

Photography © Daniel Glasser | Philippe Garcia

Villa Maroc Essaouira a little place under the sun.

I have never been at this charming hotel Villa Maroc in Essaouira. But I think it’s a really charming little hotel. The interior in mixed styles French and Moroccan, simple but elegant. They have also a ”oriental spa”, that sounds really good to me…

Essaouira is a lovely cute place and really worth visiting when you are in Morocco. You can have a walk along the beautiful beach. Also it’s really nice shopping there and you can eat delicious food. For sports enthusiasts, Essaouira is one of the places to be to surf. For now see how simple and gorgious a Moroccan style lounge can be. I really love it.

Villa Maroc hallway

essouiara villa maroc3

essouiara villa maroc7

essouiara villa maroc2

essouiara villa maroc4


villa_maroc_lounge chair

Images: Villa Maroc

Black and white

Over a year later I decided to start blogging again. Unfortunately my blog domain ”Lifestyle from amsterdam to Marrakech” is traded because I had let it go too long. Therefore time for a new fresh start. A totally new name and new look.  I have a passion for Moroccan design and craftmanship with a Scandanavian twist. I hope to inspire you with my new posts and secretly I will occasionally republish an old blog.

I love the contemporary style riads in Morocco. In whites and blacks. Riad First exudes a stylishly contemporary atmosphere, incorporating some traditional Moroccan architectural elements. In every room of the Riad you will find all the treasures of Moroccan craftsmanship. I love the tadelakt bathrooms. And look at the courtyard. Love it. So pretty.

riad first1
  riad first 3
riad first
 riad first 6
riad first 11
riad first 8