Vila E Ourika, Morocco

Oh look at that view, really amazing stunning! Immediately I feel the desire to build a house in the beautiful mountains of Morocco in the middle of nowhere. This house is a project of Studio Ko it’s one of there beautiful projects.

The vila was built in the mountains of Ourika about one small hour from Marrakech. It’s amazing the difference from the always crowded city Marrakech and the almost untouched nature from the Ourika valley and mountains. That’s the beauty of Morocco.

The different views from this house looks like a living painting. The vila was built as a contemporary Kasbah (Moroccan traditionnal fortified house). The contemporary designs seems to fit easily in to the overall environment. The use of natural materials such as the warm, red toned Ourika stone and shades of nature colors brings peace, serenity and harmony. Im in love with the bathroom. It’s just like you take a shower in the open air. How beautiful are the tadelakt sink and wall.

Vila E Ourika Morocco 14

Vila E Ourika Morocco 1

Villa E Ourika Morocco 6

Villa E Ourika Morocco 3

Vila E Ourika Morocco 11

Villa E Ourika Morocco 5

Villa E Ourika Morocco 9

Vila E Ourika Morocco 12

Vila E Ourika Morocco 19

Vila E Ourika Morocco 10

Photography © Daniel Glasser | Philippe Garcia